Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seaisde postcard 4 - Classy Resort . . .

Camera PostcardToday's card is another 'pull-out' with 10 lovely photos of Edwardian Ramsgate hidden beneath the flap. 'Everything is First Class in Ramsgate' is of course the truth, and the excitement on the faces of the visiting family is only to be expected! More period names, this card was sent from Florrie to Miss May Smith in Tooting, postmarked July 15th 1919.

And the excitement may well have been because the train was pulling in to the Sands railway station, just yards from the beach. Also another example where the post card rate applies where - as here - the sender only writes her name (Florrie) on the left hand side - anything else at all, and it's letter rate. So the picture has to convey the entire feeling of 'lovely place, wish you were here...'

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