Monday, July 14, 2008

Kent outings

A good weekend for outings, and a trip to Herne Bay on Saturday and Deal on Sunday. Curious to see th esimilarities between these two - long shingle beach, great seafront architecture, piers that - although modernised - still seem to look like piers, and plenty of visitors and residents enjoying themselves...

The old remains of the pier, isolated out at sea, yetstill showing how grand it must have been in its heyday...
Herne Bay

The 'new' pier, still looking impressive in the fading sunlight, although it helps if you like mid 20th Century architecture a bit...
Herne Bay

And this chap, gazing out to sea, with a lovely terraced backdrop. Aaaahhh.
Herne Bay

And then a Sunday afternoon in Deal (well Walmer, really) where the Band of the Royal Marines made their contribution to the Deal Festival with their annual visit to the memorial bandstand. Endless layers of memories and emotions here for those with local connections and longish memories, but a huge and appreciative crowd and some great music from a legendary military band.
Royal Marines Band at Deal

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