Thursday, July 24, 2008

Folkestone Fun

A visit to Folkestone last weekend saw an unexpected treat - the annual Charivari parade. Hundreds of children had clearly spent many hours at school, or at least after school, creating costumes, rehearsing dance steps and generally building up to a great little parade. Each school (or most of them anyway) was preceded by a band of some sort ranging from one in historic military garb to others looking more bohemian. A fun, bright and cheerfully noisy event, watched by a large and appreciative crowd as they made their way from the harbour via the centre of town up to the Leas.

Some serious concentration on the choreography paid off here...
Folkestone Charivari

Folkestone Charivari

Great bands...
Folkestone Charivari

Some serious effort needed on such a blustery day...
Folkestone Charivari

Folkestone Charivari


Anonymous said...

You have a realy good eye for colour. Great photos.

ZumiWeb said...

Thanks Matt, I think it's just that I only seem to go to colourful events!