Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Seaside Postcards 67, 68: having a beastly time

Percy making an ass of himself here . . . this 1932 card was addressed to "Dear Perce" so clearly chosen with great delight by the sender, who was returning home "by charabanc" expecting the journey from Ramsgate to Twickenham to take about 4 hours. Not bad, given the lack of motorways, dual carriageways and definitely no Thanet Way!

Ramsgate donkey card

Ramsgate flea card And this card is just strange. A reference to flea-ridden bed linen in the guest houses of Ramsgate perhaps? Addressed to a PC Burt at Lea Bridge Road Police Station, and sent in 1910 by Rose, she was clearly enjoying the trip: "we shall be so sorry to come back again". At least I think she meant she'd be sorry to come home, perhaps she was declaring she would never come back to Ramsgate...

And good to see the dredger working away at the mouth of the Royal Harbour - you can keep tabs on its activities via the Harbour Cam. Looks like those tall ships will be able to get it afterall in a couple of weeks time...

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