Friday, April 18, 2008

Seaside Postcard 75: Weather Woes

Ramsgate comic postcard Well the tall ships never came, worried that the forecast Easterly winds would have prevented them sailing back home today. Shame, but just one of those things that happen in an environment where the weather actually affects more than just the mood! Oh well, there's always next year. Sigh.

This postcard reflects the current atmosphere quite nicely, I think, mine anyway - a general air of gloom and despondency, a sense of waiting for things to brighten up.

Still, it'll soon be Summer, we just booked our next day trip to France for a couple of weeks time, and I seem to be settling in to my new job without anyone being too disappointed in my performance. All in all, a good result!

A day off on Tuesday included a visit to Whitstable, and a slightly expensive visit to The Bonsai Shop at Yorkletts, about a mile out of town. We only popped in to get our little Acer re-potted and to get our wrists slapped for letting what we thought was an attractive weed-related ground covering to spread over the pot - turns out it was starving the tree of nutrients and water. Oops... Still, not too late, although this year it will look a bit ragged. So we consoled ourselves with a new beautiful bright red Acer of a different type, and promised faithfully to look after it as well as we could. Worth a visit, if only to look and wonder at the amazing range and display of hundreds of magical little trees - who knew that you could cultivate a bonsai from a hawthorn hedge cutting - then again, who's got ten years to wait to see the results - it's all we can do to wait for our sunflowers to come up, so I'm always amazed by the vision and patience of the professional bonsai nurserymen.

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