Friday, July 21, 2017

DunRoamin, DunMovin

Our journey round Kent continues... starting in Ramsgate in 2006, then Canterbury, Faversham, Folkestone and Sandgate, we are now in Dover. No posts here for 4 years, but less entertained by FaceBook than I used to be, and I like the idea of an uninterrupted scrollable journal, so back to blogging.

Our new house deserves a pictorial record as it is quite simply the prettiest we have lived in, with a garden to die for and clear views of Dover Castle from the garden and house. Fabulous.

I don't expect anyone other than myself to read this, it's pure self-indulgence, combined with opportunity to show off the house and garden to family and friends, but I'll also be feeding in historical vignettes and curiosties as they occur. I can't seem to stop myself collecting books, postcards and other bits and pieces of local history, so there may be items of a wider interest. And for the day job, there will also be bits from East Kent's hospital and healthcare history as I develop the archive of the local NHS Trust.

Now I just have to remember to post...

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