Friday, February 04, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

Another piece of Edwardian whimsy - at first sight this is another romantic card, suitable for the approach to Valentines Day, but wait - open the flap, and there inside are 12 pictures of Ramsate at its finest.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss

The first 6 show the Inner Harbour, Victoria Pavilion, Harbour with Gates Open, the Marina, the Wtaerfall and the Westcliff Promenade.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss A

The second group here shows Ellington Park, the Sands, East Cliff Promenade, General View Ramsgate, Madeira Walk and New Undercliff Promenade.
Ramsgate Ignorance is Bliss B

Those were the days... not quite sure which ignorance is bliss here - the courting couple ignorant of the young audience, or maybe one of them ignorant of the other's brood of children? You decide...

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