Friday, January 08, 2010

Isn't it pretty... on a global scale

This amazing image was on all the news bulletins yesterday (taken by Nasa's Terra staellite on January 7th 2010), but just in case you missed it here it is to enjoy and marvel at. I don't know which I find more impressive - the 100% covering of snow or the technology that allows such a picture to be captured in the first place, but either way here is Mother Nature at her most powerful. And despite what the Daily Express said yesterday, just because we're freezing, it doesn't mean global warming is a myth. Doh.

Frozen Britain from satellite

And for comparison, here's a non-frozen view.
Non-frozen Britain from satellite


Anonymous said...

Mother Nature at her most powerful?
I think not!
Do you, perchance, write for the Daily Mail?

ZumiWeb said...

how dare you... ok, 'most powerful' should read 'gently reminding us what winter is meant to be like, and which we've seemingly forgotten how to deal with'. Is that better? I was just marvelling at the 100% coverage across the country, rather than panicking at the new ice age. Although hearing that Scotland is as cold as the Antarctic today is interesting (and ok, it is mid-Summer down there, before you have another go...). And it is a pretty image.

Anonymous said...