Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not the seaside...

arrived at Canterbury
Not exactly a humorous seaside postcard, this gem from 1915 was sent all the way to Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. A pop-up flap reveals 10 photographs of the cathedral and its environs, as presumably that was all that was worth seeing here back then. A little unfair, as there was considerably more medieval architecture (and Victorian for that matter) before the bombs did their best to remodel the city in the 1940s.

Still, this is clearly how every visitor is greeted at Canterbury's two stations - cheering crowds, civic dignitaries, brass band, flags and all... in the current economic dip, that's certainly how we should greet tourists to the area!


Number one fan said...

Don't usually send you comments but i love your website - maybe we should think up some current views, sights of interest in Thanet to adorn a new set of postcards with suitable captions - like the marina restaurant in Ramsgate?

ZumiWeb said...

Thanks for your appreciation. I think I'll leave the satirical stuff to those like Eastcliff Richard though - he's much better at it than me. I'm sure you're right that there's scope for some tragicomic postcard images with Thanet's recent history of architectural appreciation. Maybe scope for a regular Private Eye column - rotten borough seaside views... maybe cartoonist Royston already has a series under way