Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seaside Postcards 96, 97: Happy Days

ramsgate seaside postcard
This 1926 card brought a smile to my face - I expect there'd be a health and safety riot if you even tried this nowadays, if you could even find a spring board to queue up on, but it's tempting to give it a try, purely in the cause of scietific research. Something about mass, motion and irresistable forces, I think...

ramsgate seaside postcard This rather more elegant drawing shows a dastardly cad (you can tell, it's the fact that he's smoking whilst gallantly carrying his lady off the sands so her dainty shoes avoid getting dirty - I suspect he has other things in mind though... she doesn't seem to be too worried).

Sent in 1908 (looking back, 1908 was a fantastically busy year for postcards...).

Oh well, enough diversions, back to packing boxes - removal van due in only 50 hours. Eeek.

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