Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seaside Postcard 93: shy but happy...

ramsgate postcards This 1924 card sums up a little of the attitude in and to Thanet, I think - lots of enjoyment going on in many places, but not enough publicity about it, so we all think we're in a world of misery and depression. (And if the government and Bank of England could just please stop telling us about the looming recession, it might be over a little quicker). That might be over-interpreting the situation (and this card) a little, but there's a lot to be said for seeing the sunny side... most of us seem to be in work, living in houses we like, in an area with lots of attractive features, with families we love/tolerate/grind our teeth over (delete appropriate), and on top of all that, Tesco is starting to get out the Christmas product lines. What more could you possibly want? OK, the last bit is a bit of a nightmare, but hey, why keep Christmas for December?

And if that doesn't work, then have a really good rant - you feel so much better afterwards.

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