Monday, June 02, 2008

The Knitter's Friend

Here's one for the craft fans - a lovely little book of 96 pages, just 4" by 5", edited by "Mrs Hope", who presumably ran a shop from 58 Queen Street in the mid-19th century. The book itself isn't dated, but the inscription in the inside covers reads "Catherine Mullins 1847".

Knitter's Friend

Knitter's Friend

The preface makes it clear that she has only chosen previously unpublished 'receipts' (patterns, as we now call them of course). But they include all the essentials - a Double Muffatee, Sleeping Socks, Doyleys, Gentleman's Comforter, Gimp Trimming, Kamshatka Bodice, Parisian Hood, Siberia Cuffs, Shetland Shawl Patterns as well as a range of netting: Cardinal cape, Purse Netting, Invalid Supporter and Bottle stand, among many more...

Knitter's Friend

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Michael Child said...

Zumi sorry I missed this posting at the beginning of the week, we were rather unsuccessful with piers because the main purpose of Victorian piers was as landing stages for the paddle steamers that took passengers round the coast. Here in Ramsgate of course the paddle steamers used the purpose built paddle steamer quay at the end of the harbours east pier.

However seaside resorts had piers and Ramsgate as one of the country’s premier resorts wasn’t going to miss out, we had the one you mention which was part of the Granville Marina leisure complex and also one at Pegwell, photographs of the Pegwell one are fairly scarce so I have included a link in case you don’t have one.