Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Howling at the The Moon

We seem to have had some lovely views of the moon recently, judging by other bloggers' photos, so here's my contribution to your lunar education...

I just finished indexing the next edition of Patrick Moore's Atlas of the Universe, a fabulous and comprehensive guide to the heavens and beyond. Purely for review purposes, here is a tiny sample - an image of the first quadrant (that's the top-right bit to you and me). Click on this for a larger image, it's worth it! By the way, if your browser automatically resizes the picture to make it fit in the screen (but therefore too small too read), just go to Tools / Internet Options / Advanced, scroll down to Multimedia, and untick the first option 'Enable Automatic Image Resizing'.

More detailed info from many sources of course, including Google (zoom right in for the truth they tried to hide). If you're really into this, then NASA's pages are of course the definitive source of information on lunar and all other extra-terrestrial geography. And if you're trying to explain to younger observers, here's a great resource from Woodland School in Kent (Tonbridge, if you were wondering).

the Moon


Little Weed said...

I can't remember the last time I laughed out quite so loud - and first thing in the morning too

ZumiWeb said...

Those Google guys do have fun don't they!